Rapper Anthony Flawless Burns talks about the life that led him to music

Rapper Anthony Flawless Burns, Vigintillion AFB Records
Rapper Anthony Flawless Burns, Vigintillion AFB Records


I didn’t really plan on pursuing music as a career, but the death of my mother got me seriously into music. It made me reach out to people and show them what I could do. If my mother were still here, we wouldn’t even be talking to the archbishop. My mother’s death took me to going through some changes, and those thoughts and changes brought me to the song, “Going Thru Some Changes.” I have been a hustler all of my life. I have had people die in my arms. From the time I was thirteen I have seen so much. I been shot at, I done shot back. That’s the way it is. I am not a thug, the thug life is not my thing, but if anybody did something to me, I responded in like kind. I even witnessed the shooting of my childhood friend’s mother, when his father killed her in broad daylight in the middle of the street.

Smokeahonest, is the opposite of Pocahontas. She was a pretty girl whose mother was a drug addict, but she got strung out on drugs worse than her mother. She inspired me to write a song about her because we have been friends since we were seven. When we got to high school, I lost contact.

I would define hustling as getting it where you live. A hustler is someone who goes out nine-to-five and gets what they need to live. Don’t confuse that with idiots who are doing illegal things. Drugs . . . as much drugs as I have seen, I have nothing to show for it but memories, women, cars, jewelry, I have nothing now. Easy come, easy go. I never really was a troublemaker, so I never really had to bust heads.

I will say this, I have just always had a love for music. When my mom died, it made me change my focus.

Music . . . . I met a woman who just kind of like showed me a different way to do things. She got me out of the life and into an improved way of living. It was gradual, but after a while I just left street hustling alone.

When I was going through some stuff I met a now popular bishop, who was a pastor in Detroit, who asked me for directions to get one of his members out of jail. Little did he know, the guy was one of my homies. I started going to his church. His wife was a blessing to me too. I was hustling during the week, and going to church on the weekend. That was bothering me. I was toning it down little by little, then, finally, I just gave up the hustling altogether.

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