Legendary Malaco Records Offices Hit By Tornado.

Jackson, Mississippi (Neal Reed Newswires) – April 20, 2011 — Malaco Records, an unsung legend in the gospel, soul, and R&B world was hit by tragedy last Friday as a tornado ripped through the three buildings that make up Malaco Records’ compound. While the 16 employees on site when the tornado hit managed miraculously to escape injury, the buildings themselves suffered irreversible damage. Of the buildings damaged, the one that housed the recording studio responsible for producing such hits as Jean Knight’s “Mr. Big Stuff,” King Floyd’s “Groove Me,” and Dorothy Moore’s “Misty Blue” was nearly reduced to rubble.

Malaco’s recording studio, which has been at the same location in Jackson Mississippi’s North Side Drive since 1967 gained notoriety soon after its opening and particularly in the 80s when many bigger labels were dropping Soul and Blues artists in exchange for new pop acts and hopes for millions plus in album sales. To Malaco, selling 10,000 or 50,000 albums constituted a successful release. For this reason Malaco became a down home label for many Soul and Blues artists who no longer had big label appeal. Many of the Artists that came to Malaco managed to surpass big label artists on the Billboard charts solidifying Malaco’s place in Soul and R&B history.

The Label which has been a staple for Soul, Blues, and Gospel artists since the early 60s remains positive in light of the recent tragedy and has plans of rebuilding a new and improved recording studio.

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