GLHA Studios to provide post production editing for NRW TV’s FOREPLAY television show.

Detroit, Michigan USA – (Neal Reed NewsWire) – Veteran television producer George Leslie Hicks will edit the upcoming production of NRWTV’s FOREPLAY, scheduled to be recorded live at the world famous Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club and Lounge, in Historic Old Sacramento. The production will be filmed under the direction of executive producer Cheryle Neal Reed. The show will be recorded and transferred to Detroit, where it will be edited to meet a planned February 2012 release date. The show will be aired on KRBH Television, a lease access channel in Oakland, California. 

The show, a two-hour variety program, features Anthony Atlas, Chris DaCosta, Kelly Freeman, Kirk McHenry, Tiara Phalon, and host Corey L. Page. Pictured below: Poet, author and actress Kelly Freeman.Image

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