Neal Reed Music Publishing Group (BMI), LeFranklin Records signs percussionist-drummer Lamont Jackson

Oakland, California USA – #LeFranklinMusic – Percussionist/drummer Lamont Jackson, a native Oakland, California has signed with LeFranklin Records. Jackson started playing drums at the young age of five years old, when is his uncle allowed him to play drums at Starlight Spiritual Temple Church, in Oakland. From the age of three Lamont watched drummer Trina Crunity, the church drummer at the time who had replaced Lamont’s uncle Nathaniel Jones. By the age of five, young Lamont was tapping rhythms and keeping time on the drums in church every Sunday. When Lamont was ten, he became the church’s official drummer under the direction of his uncle, Bishop L. E. Franklin. Soon thereafter Lamont joined Bishop’s recording group, Bishop L. E. Franklin and The Royal Family. When Bishop Franklin joined Priesthood Nation, a gospel group, Lamont was recruited as well. Lamont then continued his musical studies under the direction of PHN’s musical director Elder Ron Rosson. Lamont Jackson is now a studio musician with KFNR Music Producers, Emeryville, and is represented by Neal Reed Music Publishing Group (BMI). Lamont Jackson’s discography includes the LeFranklin Records album, “Call On The Lord”, track: He’s Holding You.

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