New Album Songs of Comfort for all of my fans and the world to hear!

ANGEL SESSIONS will appear as a special guest when NEAL REED Presents NEW WORKS from CONTEMPORARY COMPOSERS, Saturday, August 22, 2015, at the Oakland Scottish Rite Center Auditorium, 1547 Lakeside Drive. Get tickets here:


Hello everyone! I am so gratful to share with you all, my new album, Songs of Comfort that is now available on all online stores. I worked so hard in given you all the best of me though my music. I have written 17 songs on this album and hope that each song will inspirer you to listen with a open mind. Think about God’s goodness in all He has done for you in your life. No matter how things may seem to be in your life at times when times are hard or when we are going though a differcult time in our lives, Songs of Comfort, I hope will comfort you in your hour of need. Some of the songs are up beat, very joyful and always there’s deep message about Christ. Some of the songs are ballets. They are beautiful, filled with harmonys and melody that you…

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