Film Fund Division modifies 2019 slate, reopens auditions.

Emeryville, California – 1/26/2019 – Executives announced late this evening that the 2019 NRW Film Fund slate was being adjusted to reflect the following: 3 new screenplays by an author brokered through Vicious Grind Entertainment have been greenlighted; a fourth screenplay from the Vicious Grind Entertainment Group by a California prisoner is now under consideration; a pending project by Nebraska kick-boxer/rapper David Steffan (Priceless Lion) is no longer being considered; and discussions with Texas actor Bernard Thomas (BO Paypershow), who was a shoe-in for the lead part of GeRomeo in MOROJO: Motorcycle Romeo and Juliet, have now been terminated.

According to sources close to the fund, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the dropped project and participants occurred because of scurillious attacks on the publisher and executive producer, who after weighing the costs of litigation for libel, slander and collusion, determined that the best course forward would be to replace those projects and people who are impatient, in non-compliance, and disgruntled.

According to and executive producer Cheryle Reed, “We were in very private discussions with people about their projects, and deficiencies which needed to be corrected, who have now revealed their hostilities, unwillingness to make changes and impatience. While I regret that people are harboring these misconceptions about me personally, we look forward to replacing one project concept with others which are now under consideration.  As for the loss of the lead actor, the very talented but impatient Mr. Bernard Thomas (BoPaypershow), we regret the loss.” Open auditions will begin on Monday morning for the role of Romeo in MOROJO, a seven-film franchise.”

Libel, slander and defamation of character, and interference with trade based upon those activities are actionable, meaning that lawsuits can be filed against perpetrators. It is the policy of Neal Reed Worldwide, Inc. to utilize its resources to advance careers and help emerging artists. According to sources close to the Company, it does not look favorably upon these activities, and litigation is being considered.


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