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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – (Neal Reed Worldwide) AngelicVoicesMusic (AVM) Radio is KNRB-DB’s flagship internet radio station, curated, hosted and broadcast from New York, New York. Super producer Vanderbilt Evans Jr pka AngelicVoiceMusic, is the executive producer, music producer of many of the artists heard, and is curator and host of the show.

AngelicVoicesMusic Radio enjoys an international listening audience from around the world with thousands of listeners daily checking to the AVM Chat Room to log their location and artist and song preferences.

Format: Expect an eclectic mix of music from Cheryl Cooley and Klymaxx, Spinderella, Ernest Billups and Tribe of Levi, Raevon The Boss, Winsome Benjamin, Ronnie Evans, Lisa Renee, Entycee, DeShawn Supreme, AngelicVoicesMusic, Cheryle Neal Reed, Crystal Mapp Vales, Bishop L E Franklin, Anna Lissa Jack, and more.

Vanderbilt Evans Jr., Executive Producer, Host, Curator
Elwood Legette Jr., Executive Producer, Curator
Cheryle Neal Reed, Senior Executive Producer, Curator
AngelicVoicesMusic Radio is a subsidiary channel of KNRB-DB,
Neal Reed Digital Broadcasting. For additional information, contact:
Neal Reed Worldwide Headquarters: 1+510-730-0011


Listen to the best of the best of new gospel music on the VIRTUOSO show, featuring the original music of gospel artists Bishop L. E. Franklin and the Royal Family, Priesthood Nation, Harry Caldwell and Purchase, Miranda Boston, Crystal Mapp Vales, Mystro Roc, Agerman, SW Washington and Favor, Kevan Peabody, the Arkansas Mass Choir, Freda Mitchell, Joe Douglass and SOP, the Harmonics, Vanessa Murphy, Pastor Mustafa Muhyee, Benjamin Cone and Worship, The Orr Sisters, Tom Rudderow, Bradley Clark, Anna Lissa Jack, Ronald Rosson and Judah, J’on Harris and Voices, AngelicVoicesMusic, Ernest Billups, and many others.


Hosted by Bishop L. E. Franklin
Format: Gospel music, interviews and commentary from the studios of KNRB Digital Broadcasting, Neal Reed Worldwide, OWH Television Studios, Starlight Spiritual Cathedral, and other remote site locations, Oakland, California USA.

LeFRANKLIN RADIO broadcasts 24/7/365.
Click the link to listen now

Starlight Spiritual Cathedral Service
939 35th Street, Oakland, California USA
SUNDAY, 9:00 am until 10:00 am Pacific Time,
Bishop L. E. Franklin, Presiding Bishop, Senior Pastor
Archbishop Cheryle Neal Reed, Celebrant

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Listen to these stations and more, from KNRB Digital Broadcasting, Always On-air, for your listening pleasure.

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