Vintage-18_06_01 06_36_28Neal Reed Worldwide, Inc., Intellectual Properties Holding Companies, represents KingCali, NewMoneyEntertainment, producers of music, video and film, and photography.   Devvin Austell, President and Founder. For additional information, complete the form below. Artists incllude: KingCali, YvetteSavalle, Wavi, The label is currently auditioning artists, and has 17 open seats.

CLEVELAND – Robert Cruz, a member of the Rude Boys, and founder and CEO of RealSchoolEntertainment Inc., will receive global distribution and publishing administration services from Neal Reed Worldwide (NRW), according to a NRW spokesperson. Cruz, a lead vocalist with the Rude Boys, an R&B and Soul group mentored by the late Gerald Levert, enjoyed global success in the late eighties and nineties and, after a 10-year hiatus, continues to perform worldwide.

According to NRW spokesperson Cheryle Neal Reed, “Robert Cruz is one of the great voices contributing to the R&B and soul genres. We look forward to working with him and the artists that he produces with great anticipation of the fabulous works to come.”

Cruz is in the studio with Silk vocalist Lil G, on an upcoming production which will be the first work released via the Neal Reed Worldwide-Orchard-Sony platform.



BEAMSQUAD Records-NRW, a NEAL Reed Worldwide subsidiary label, Los Angeles, California USA.

Established 2017.


KENDALL DUSHAUN CRUSE (BMI), Founder, President, Minority Shareholder. Composer, Lyricist, Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer, Actor, Writer; Executive Producer, Los Angeles, California; Performer known as Bonafide Da Hustla.

CHERYLE LISA NEAL REED (BMI), Founder, Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, Majority Shareholder. Publisher, Executive Producer, Recording Studio Executive, Chief Audio Engineer. Composer, Lyricist, Music Producer.

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION: to 243 countries via the NealReed>Orchard>Sony platform.

PUBLISHING: Neal Reed Music Publishing Group (BMI); Neal Reed IPHC, Music Publishers (ASCAP); Vigintillion Music Publishing Group (SESAC).

Office of the Publisher: Neal Reed Worldwide, 1-510-730-0011.



Bonafide Da Hustla

Washington, D.C. – Neal Reed Newswire – Jamal Ingram, president, Kabod Media Group, has joined Neal Reed Worldwide, and is now a Tour Manager. Mr. Ingram lives in Germantown, Maryland, and is a composer, producer and designer. Mr. Ingram is currently working on a new album project on the GLH Audiophile label, expected to be released in 2012.

Detroit – Rapper Anthony Flawless Burns releases his third album, CLOWNIN IN PUBLIC (2011. GLH Audiophile Records), which is available for download, worldwide. Google Anthony Flawless Burns, or search Anthony Flawless Burns on any digital music service, worldwide. For additional information about Rapper Anthony Flawless Burns, visit AFB Records website, or Anthony Flawless Burns on Facebook.

Anthony Flawless Burns
Anthony Flawless Burns
News Release.

Detroit, Michigan USA – (Neal Reed Newswires) – Composer and Lyricist Anthony Flawless Burns, a native of Detroit, Michigan, is set to release his first album project, Something In My Poetry. Scheduled to be released digitally worldwide in December 2010, Burns’ first album includes songs by producers Melvin Zeke Smith, Glendell Brooks, and Jontae Lidge. The executive producers are George Leslie Hicks, and Cheryle Neal Reed. For additional information, contact Neal Reed at 510-730-0011. Google Anthony Flawless Burns. Search Anthony Flawless Burns of Facebook. Visit the Official Anthony Flawless Burns Blog, at

Look for Something In My Poetry, featuring Anthony Flawless Burns, on the iTunes Music Store. Download the album, tracks and ringtones.