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  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I went to owh and left a business card there today.
    Sorry its been a long time. My dad had cancer so I’ve been figuring things out.
    I have a lot of songs and would love to speak with you if you want to be able to get involved with them.

    I live on E 18th in Oakland now. Three miles from OWH. I work on songwriting with Zach Neiman who has drummed for Tony Lindsay, and is working with Josh Williams who was just nominated for a Grammy this year for best re-mix.


    Ross Murray


    P.S. Do you still record?

    1. Hello Ross. Yes I still record and provide global distribution to 243 countries on the Neal Reed Orchard Sony platform. My number is 510-730-0011, or private: 415-879-1891. Please do call.

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