NRW Music Academy

Neal Reed Worldwide (NRW) Academy is a virtual self-paced online private music academy for songwriting, recording, production, and performing, staffed by the professional songwriters, composers and producers of Neal Reed Worldwide. Hand Jive Recordz (TM/SM) is the recording label imprint of the NRW Music Academy.

Selected Works created by students who complete courses at Neal Reed Worldwide Music Academy are published by NRW affiliated publishers at (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and foreign PROs), under the Hand Jive Recordz  imprint.

Hand Jive RecordzTM/SM, a subsidiary label of Neal Reed Worldwide, enjoys global distribution to 243 countries via the Neal Reed Worldwide Orchard-Sony distribution platform.

Royalties generated from the sale of recordings released under the Hand Jive Recordz imprint and any subsidiary and affiliated imprints shall accrue to the Academy and its respective rightsholders which may include students, instructors, contributors, and others involved in the creation of original compositions for the imprint.

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